We invite the skiracers that are registered in one of the lowland nations (GBR, BEL, NED, DEN, LUX and IRE) to compete at the 6th Indoor Lowland Champs organized at SnowWorld Landgraaf in the Netherlands. This event is organized by the Lowland Nations with the aim of helping the Lowland Nations to develop new partnerships.

Entry Criteria – Invitation
Each race is open to racers registered with their respective home nation meeting the age group categories:

  • U10
  • U12
  • U14
  • U16
  • U18
  • U21
  • Seniors (21+)
  • Masters (30+)

Each Nation has a specific quota (GBR, NED and BEL will have a quota of 108 (64 ±5 male and 44 ±5 female). Luxembourg, Denmark and Ireland will have a quota of 30. Each nation will determine their own entry criteria.

Each Nation has to send their entries at least at 13th of September to: entries@welovesnow.nl

The entry fee for this event is €30.00 per racer per raceday (= race fee and slope entry). The payment must be made per team/club at the captains meeting on Friday evening.

If a nation has remaining quota after the 1st of September; the remaining quota will go to the nations that have a full quota. These remaining quota’s entries must be made before September 13th.


Cool! Also counting for national points!
Results on both racing days are also counting for the national points list for Belgium, Netherlands and Great Britain.

Prize Giving Ceremony
Saturday:    There will be a price giving ceremony after the race on Saturday for the SnowWorld Cup (day result for all categories: first, second and third place). This race also counts for the Nations Cup! For the team event directly in the finish area.

Sunday:     Day result for all categories (first, second and third place) for the Indoor Lowlands Championship 2019 + winning nation 2019!


Nations Cup
The top 5 of the categories U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, U21, Seniors and Masters on Saturday and Sunday will receive points for the nation’s cup.

The nation that collects the most points during these 2 race days and/or team event receives the nation’s cup.

Points per category:

  • 1st 15 points
  • 2nd 9 points
  • 3rd 5 points
  • 4th 3 points
  • 5th 1 point

Points during Parallel nation team event:

  • 1st team 60 points
  • 2nd team 40 points
  • 3rd team 30 points

‘bonus points’ Stair contest:

The 5 fastest male and female athletes on the stair outside (508 treads, 248 meter length and 75 highmeter) can score bonus points for their country during the weekend.

  • 1st 12 points
  • 2nd 9 points
  • 3rd 6 points
  • 4th 3 points
  • 5th 1 point


  • The Race will be run in accordance with FIS rules. For issues not covered by the FIS the Jury will decide.
  • Helmets must been worn by racers at all times whilst on the slope
  • The races will be slalom format. The U10 and U12 are racing with stubbies and the remaining age groups with 27 mm poles.
  • The International team slalom will consist of 2 teams from each nation consisting of two males and two females, at least one athlete in each team must come from the age groups below FIS level.
  • Participation at your own risk.

Chief Of Race : Bert Raaphorst (NED)
TD: C. Lemeire (BEL)
Referee: L. Jenkins (GBR)


Course setting:
Slalom                                                      Stubbies
Saturday 1st Run BEL                               Saturday 1st Run
Saturday 2nd Run                                      Saturday 2nd Run NED
Sunday 1st Run GBR                                Sunday 1st Run GBR
Sunday 2nd Run NED                                Sunday 2nd Run BEL

Teamevent                                                 NED