Due to COVID-19 GBR announced not be able to organize the Indoor Lowlands Championships 2020. The 2020 and 7th edition of the Indoor Lowland Championships will be taken over and organized, on behalf of The Netherlands Ski Federation, by We Love Snow.

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Specific National questions (quota and entry procedure):
 Great Britain – Marc Telling – marc@ambitionracing.co.uk (please send your national entry before the 1st of september)
 Belgium – Christophe Lemeire – Christophe.Lemeire@ski.be
 Netherlands – Pepijn van Schijndel –  P.vanschijndel@wintersport.nl
 Luxembourg – Eric Osch – eosch@pt.lu
 Denmark – Henrik Oksholm – hok@dskif.dk
 Ireland – Clare Farrell – Snowsportssai@gmail.com
 Iceland – Jón Viðar Þorvaldsson – ski@ski.is

General event questions:
We Love Snow – EVENTS: hello@welovesnow.nl

Accommodation and training